The Identity Bank (DNA)

The Program for the “Participatory Administration”

The maximum grade, or level of life that can reach a society or civilized Town, consists on being able to implement on its governments, the System of the Participatory Administration, since on that way The people demonstrates that is able to administer theirs resources on a Self-sufficient way and never is committed will see the patrimony publishes, on but of 50%, That which guarantees that the I.P.B. it is distributed with Total Social Equity’.

“To Your Neighbors like yourself!”

Taking into account that maxim of coexistence, we will be able to notice that until there, it is natural that we surrender or let us delegates our resources, therefore giving 100% of our resources, so that they administer it to us, it has not always been the best deal.

Since when we delegates our resources so that they are always administered by politics, it is the worst negligence on what our rights and economic duties and sovereigns for the state, because we always think that this will make it on the best way, although up to now the reality had demonstrated that only it has been squandered or wasted the worse way but unpunished, inapt or inefficient, and when we comes to see, it is already very late and there is nothing we can do about it.

The Social Virtual Banking Bag (The Saver Shareholder)

The Program for the “Participatory Administration”.

It is to divides 50% of the gross domestic product among the population’s identified 100%, so that it can guarantee the satisfaction of the four vital necessities of: Feeding, Social Attendance, Housing and Education, on a bank bill that serious administered for the number of the identification Card and the electronic I.D. The same ace to credit card, offered maximum personal, social, juridical and economic security.

The saver shareholder (The Social Banking Bag)

The saver shareholder, will be the biggest advantage in this Administrative System, since it´s will allow the citizens to participates in to continuous stock exchange, with sustained earnings of 50% approximate, since the bank when financing the basic necessities, for the population’s 100%, will reduces the costs to 20%, then it increases it 50% and the saver bought with 40% discount, but the bank acted like to social stock exchange and it generated 50% of fixed monthly interests, for the benefit of the same savers that plods at the same, shareholders of the bank.

Maximum personal security

The electronic identification when working ace credit card, eliminated the necessity of money cash, with that, there won’t be robberies for money neither heist, it will equally also serve ace passport, history expires, civil status, vitae curriculum, D.N.A trace, etc.

Also, with the implementation of The Golden Bolivar, it will be able to guarantee the sovereignty of the purchasing power of the work, in grams that always eternal, (A gram will always be a gram) and not in sent that depreciate ace salt in the water. This way, won’t it get lost the whole realized effort of an entire life, ace it pass the one that had, 5 million Bolivar’s, in retirements founds when the bag of cement worth five Bolivar’s, it was 5 million cement sacks; and today in day, doe to devaluation the sack cost 20 Bs.f what indicates a lost of 750.000, cement sacks; that if it´s would have them nowadays, they would be anything less than 20 million Bolivar’s F cash That such?.

“A Profitable Monetary Politics” or an inflationary monetary politics Financier?

Every cheats that to currency of one Bolivar’s is manufactured, if we consider the cost average for coinage, packing and distribution, we Have that approximate, it costs of 2 Bolivar’s F to produces it, witch what we have to currency financier and inflationary to 2 hundreds % approximate, of lost for the treasure publish.

But if we produces to currency of gold of 5 Grams, which has to it valued of 1 hundreds Bolivar’s F the gram when buying it in the world market, = Bs.F 5.000,00 and the bank increase it 100% of their valued, for coinage, packing and transport, = Bs.F 10.000,00 for currency, (that which is the good minimum of any Gold productive economic operation,) we have the best guarantee and security for the labour effort, at to cost zero for the state and with the cost of coinage of hardly 0,01% of Current their valued that guarantees in grams, the security and the sovereignty of the purchasing power of the work, as well as the retirements founds; so that this doesn’t continued getting lost, of winning of the purchasing power of the work, in grams that always eternal you have 10 cement sacks per day in the eighties, to not even to gain 3 sack that we win at the moment. how’s it going?.

What does it means?…

It means the total guarantee for the security of the purchasing power of the work and the sovereignty of the work effort, so that it doesn’t demean or minimize, ace it has happened us for the exchange depreciation of inflation process with the black Friday.

The sovereignty of the folks resides in the purchasing power of theirs work, or what is similar to its minimum wage and level of life, that which this inseparably bound to hard currency and stable that is based in grams that always eternal, and not in sent that always depreciate ace salt in the water.

Following steps

We live the best moment in our history to achieve the maximum social and economic evolution that we can reach, to carry out our present and The Millennium of Prosperity and Peace; with our voice in the economic constituent. Let us don’t allow it to pass by.

We should spread and diffuse our right acquired with the blood and the sacrifice of our liberators. Professionals and economists, labour accountants and sensitive workers, students and military that therewith doesn’t pick up, it spreads, let us fight so that our votes is for the realization of the Bank of the Identity and “The Participatory Administration”… Be all welcomes; one sails swallow doesn’t make summer, but all the united swallows do it… Even If it is winter!..

“The Competitive Democracy Altruist” ¡The Democracy of The New Millennium!…

Integration of Transcendent National Understanding, Trying to Develop Demographic Alternatives, with efforts realized organized.

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