Asian Football Confederation rebrands flagship competitions via FutureBrand Australia

Zanda Wilson |

Lessons from Fortune Oil's endorsement tangle

amit bapna |

Shape Your Personal Brand for a Successful Future

Jose Granja |

Stephanie Melodia of Bloom: Brand Makeovers: “Take into consideration the latest trends for relatability”

Fotis Georgiadis |

Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand

Karishhma Mago |

Carla Williams Johnson of Carli Communications: “Giving back”

Jerome Knyszewski, CEO of HeavyShift |

Cummins&Partners Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Christian Fleetwood |

How to Grow Your Advisory Practice in 2021

By Irene Huhulea |

Emotional Design – The Difference Between Brands And Communities

by Varsha Rao , Preeti Mahajan |

Burger King Changes Its Logo After 20 Years

Dominic Smithers |

PDCo Badge Logofolio 2000-2020

Behance |

Five Benefits of Working With an Outside (Virtual) Marketing Department

Designsite |

What Do You Think of GM's New Logo?

By Mack Hogan |

Ad War: HUL Hits Back At Sebamed's Campaign, Says 'will Take Suitable Action'

Moneycontrol News |

Christopher Lane of Airfield Supply Co: “Go to Therapy”

Fotis Georgiadis |

Alex Rollins of Media Bridge: Brand Makeovers: “Branding is identity”

Fotis Georgiadis |

Liza Suloti of SHADOW: “Identify core values from the onset”

Fotis Georgiadis |

Nick Platt of ‘LO:LA’: “Trust the process”

Fotis Georgiadis |

2021 is the year branded content will come into its own – here’s how CMOs can embrace it

Ottavio Nava |

Why 35-year-old biscuits brand Julie’s rebranded in the middle of a global pandemic

Shawn Lim |

Pepsi takes on the K-Pop wave with Blackpink

Shawn Lim |

New Chicago Fire crest on tap for 2021 – Soccer Stadium Digest

Kevin Reichard |

Today’s Office: Dark Horses’ Melissa Robertson on missing the intimacy of office work

Melissa Robertson |

Once again, NHL leads the way in selling its game – The Boston Globe

Kevin Paul Dupont |

It’s Time to Take Your Brand to the Next Level in 2021—Here’s How

Maleeka Hollaway |

Middle Eastern Musicians All Set to Follow Marketing Trends From the West, Says Al Dubai Media

Alexander Maxwell |

Samsung Initiates Consumer Branding for its OLED Displays in 27 Countries – Samsung US Newsroom

Samsung U.S. Newsroom A.H. |

Has COVID-19 created more compassion in brands?


Council Post: Why Retailers Should Actively Nudge Consumers To Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS)

Jim Barnes |

Moving on: How marketers are rethinking customer journeys

By Marketing Week Reporters |

KemperSports Adds Senior Marketer, Hospitality Veteran To Leaders

Press Release Desk |

Burger King rebrand is a sizzling masterclass in flat design

Georgia Coggan |

The Cute New Burger King Logo |

I Want Her Job: The Brand Marketer Helping Byte Transform Thousands of Smiles

Olivia Hancock |

Startup aims to provide brand web-conferencing services

Katie Tabeling |

General Motors’ new logo is the biggest branding fail of 2021 (so far)

Jeff Beer |

See how General Motors updated its logo for only the fifth time in its history

E.J. Schultz and Hannah Lutz. |

General Motors’ new logo is the biggest branding fail of 2021 (so far)

Jeff Beer |

Burger King Unveils New Logo, First Rebrand in 20 Years

Adam Barnhardt |

If There Were A Magic Marketing Lamp: My 3 Wishes

Maarten Albarda |

Before You Trash GM's New Logo Remember That The Old One Kinda Sucked, Too

Jason Torchinsky |

McCann New York Hires Perry Fair for New Creative Role

Minda Smiley |

GM rebrands for Ultium EV future – New logo for a huge electric challenge

Chris Davies |

If There Were A Magic Marketing Lamp: My 3 Wishes

Maarten Albarda |

Publicis Groupe launches specialist gaming offer

Omar Oakes |

Business Report Cover Template with Blue Circle Elements

Dirk Petzold |

Pepsi banks on Super Bowl halftime marketing, won’t run separate in-game ad

E.J. Schultz. |

Reach bounces back from Covid-19 with record digital performance

John Glenday |

Dance, like nobody’s watching: how Defected Records kept the party going

Sam Bradley |

Online Commercials & Promos: Skincare Transformation Ad | Backstage |

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